I love my morning walks they have become a daily ritual I look forward to.  Some days I exit my house with a mind full of chatter, I can walk for an hour and return home unaware of the experience, I have been in my head for the entire journey.   I live just behind a beautiful provincial park, so to wander through this amazing park and not truly notice it – well, that is just criminal.

I have found if I set an intention for my walk I can remain somewhat present to the experience.  ‘somewhat.’  Our minds naturally wander through thoughts, and that is okay;  when I am walking and notice my thoughts drifting to the chatter, I take a breath and bring myself back to the moment.

At the beginning of my walk, I take a moment to just breathe in the air, being aware of my breath as I inhale and exhale.  Once I start walking I cycle through my senses.  Sights, sounds, scents.  Today I started by observing the trees and the changing colors, the sky, and the clouds, the bright pink sun, the birds, and insects.  Next, I listened to the sounds surrounding me, the wind through the leaves, the pounding step of the runner that just passed me, the river moving by me and the plane overhead.  What can you smell? today it was the scent of freshly fallen leaves and crisp morning air.

Now soften all your senses and take in the experience, be mindful of your surroundings and your place within them.  Open your heart with gratitude and appreciation for the beauty that surrounds you.

Embrace the moment!


Mindful Moose