Today I’d like you to close your eyes for 2 minutes, place your hands on your upper abdomen and breathe.  Breathe into your belly filling it up and releasing the breath. Notice the motion of your hands as your abdomen expands and relaxes.  If your mind wanders, acknowledge the thought and let it go, gently bringing your attention back to your hands and your breath.   When ready, open your eyes.


  1. Now bring awareness to the image in the picture. Pay attention to the picture without labeling what is before you.  Soften your eyes and expand your attention.  What colors do you see?  How many different colors do you count? Look closely at the various shades and hues.  Is the image blurry or clear? What shapes and objects are present?
  2. If you become restless or distracted. If your mind wanders to other thoughts, gently notice that your mind has drifted and bring it back to the picture.
  3. With compassion and an open heart, become aware of your feelings when looking at the image. Continue to be kind to yourself, look at the picture with a sense of interest, kindness, curiosity and a compassionate awareness.
  4. Stay with the picture for a few minutes, fully aware of the image in front of you. After a few moments, take another deep cleansing breath.   Check in with yourself, how are you feeling?  My wish is that you feel calm and centered.

Embrace the moment!