The Marble



My youngest son started middle school this week in a town roughly 40 minutes from our home.  He will have to start fresh with new friends, new teachers, a new culture and new expectations.  Even though he is up for the challenge, he is understandably anxious.

In new situations, it is natural to feel uneasy and overwhelmed.   Mindfulness shifts the attention inward like a spotlight on these thoughts and feelings and calming yourself can be as simple as observing your breath. However, it can be difficult in new situations to remember to breathe and be present.  When the anxiety upsets our balance, it may just take a simple reminder to bring it back.

Enter the Marble – my son was given a marble to keep in his pocket as a reminder to breathe.  Each time he reached into his pocket and felt the marble, it was his queue to be mindful of his breath, inhaling and exhaling and being present, calming any anxiety he may feel in that moment.

It is proven that mindfulness helps strengthen attention, adaptability, emotional regulation, compassion, calming and resilience.  To think, it can all start with a simple breath, and sometimes a simple reminder.

Embrace the moment!

Mindful Moose