Mindful Moose is a blog dedicated to mindfulness or more specifically daily mindful pauses.  My journey with mindfulness started when I took a course about four years ago aimed at easing the anxiety I experienced in my day-to-day life.  Anxiety has been a constant companion of mine from a very young age with insecurities, worries, dread and irrational fears persistently plaguing me for years.  Through mindfulness I have learned tools to help divert negative thoughts before they take root.  Formal Meditations both long and short, visualizations, gratitude journalism, observing thoughts and Mindful pauses are all types of mindfulness activities I have found beneficial in my journey to tame my anxiety.  I have decided in this blog to focus on Mindful pauses – the art of being present – Bringing attention to the smells, sights, sounds, feelings and thoughts in the ‘Now’.  Let’s get started  : )