Mindful pauses are opportunities and reminders to pause and bring your full attention to the present moment at any point in the day.  These moments will provide a chance to find calmness and connection in an often rushed and frantically paced world.

  • Pause and become aware of sensations in your body.  Do you notice tightness anywhere?  Are your shoulders raised up toward your ears?  Is your brow furrowed?  Can you soften those areas?
  • Now bring your attention inward to your breath. Notice your breath rise and fall naturally. Slowly breathe in for the count of 5, hold for 5 counts and exhale for 5 counts and hold. If your mind wanders simply return your attention to the breath and begin again.  Each time your mind wanders, gently bring it back to the sensations of breathing.  Do this 5 times.

Solar Eclipse Sunset

  • Now bring awareness to the image. Pay attention to the picture without labeling what is before you.  Soften your eyes and expand your attention.  What colors do you see?  How many different colors do you count? Look closely at the various shades and hues.  What shapes and objects are present?
  • If you become restless or distracted. If your mind wanders to other thoughts gently notice that your mind has drifted and bring it back to the picture.
  • Stay with the picture for a few minutes, fully aware of the image in front of you. After a few minutes, take another deep cleansing breath.   Check in with yourself, how are you feeling?  My wish is that you feel calm and centered.

Embrace the moment!


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